The product is provided as Plug-and-Play solution, which needs literally a couple of actions. There is no need to be disassemble the headunits of the vehicle. As well as a computer or any special software. It’s comfortable both for a service employees and a simple users.

What do I need for the update?

  • Make an order, specifying last 7 characters of car’s VIN;
  • FAT32 formatted USB flash;
  • FSC Code set.

What do I get?

You’ll get individually generated file for your new headunit activation, which needs to be placed to USB drive.
Please note, you’ll have to upload proper map data for navigation system by yourself (we don’t provide map data).

You will get the following Items if you download from our page:

  1. Activation of navigation - 00DE
  2. Activation of voice control - 009E
  3. BMW APPS - 009C
  4. Satellite radio ‘ONLY FOR  North AMERICA’ - 006F
  5. Lap -Timer - 00E5

How to activate the new headunit?

Activation is performed in three simple steps:

  1. Placing a file on a USB drive;
  2. Connecting the drive to a USB port in the car;
  3. Restarting the navigation unit (E-sys, Tool32 or just power off).

No more actions required, all necessary code generation steps will be produced automatically.

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