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BMW Service History Check: What It Is and How to Get One

You can tell a lot about a car by its service history- and it is always worth keeping track of the work done on your vehicle. Whether you are considering buying a used BMW, want to learn more about your vehicle’s past, or keep better track of your car maintenance- a service history check is the solution. 

What Is a BMW Service History Check?

Put simply, a BMW service history check is a record of all repairs, maintenance, and general work performed during a vehicle’s lifetime. It includes dates and details of any service provided by authorized BMW dealerships to paint a picture of the car’s past. 

Some of the details included in the report are:

  • Dates of services
  • Mileage at the time of service
  • Details of work done, parts replaced, repairs made, etc.

Think of it as a vehicle’s health record. Information is taken directly from the official BMW database to ensure accuracy and reliability. 

Why Is It Important to Check the Service History?

Reasons to check a BMW’s service history depend on your position. 

If you already own the car, it is a good idea to stay on top of maintenance and services to know when you may be due the next one. This means you can expect better performance for longer.

Those who want to buy a second-hand BMW can learn how well a vehicle has been looked after before they commit to the purchase. The service history check shows whether or not it has been maintained according to the recommended schedules and if there have been any recurring issues in the past. 

Another benefit of checking your BMW service history is the potential for increased resale value. If you have taken good care of your vehicle and can prove it to buyers, they may be willing to pay more. 

Lastly, a service history report is handy during warranty and insurance claims. It is indisputable evidence to prove what care you have taken. Remember to keep your receipts for any work- you need to present them along with the history check.

How to Check BMW Service History

Luckily, you can check a BMW’s service history quickly and easily- all you need is the VIN. OEM Navigations provides detailed full service history checks for BMWs- laid out in a clear, easy-to-read report that saves you some time. 

full bmw service history check and download

Final Thoughts

A BMW service history check helps you make smart decisions regarding your vehicle’s care or a potential purchase. It is worthwhile to increase resale value, simplify maintenance planning, streamline insurance claims, and learn more before you buy.

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