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Welcome to the ultimate solution for businesses looking to elevate their offerings and efficiency. Our range of services, including BMW VIN Decoder API Access, AOS AIR Access, ECU Validation Requests through BMW AOS portal, and Unlimited Monthly FSC Code Generation, are specifically designed to meet the dynamic needs of resellers like you. These features are fully automated, requiring no waiting time and can be accessed via a 24/7 accessible web portal.



BMW VIN Decoder API Access

Enhance your online presence and customer satisfaction with our BMW VIN Search API. This tool is perfect for integrating VIN search capabilities for BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce into your website.
Features include:
- Easy Implementation: Seamlessly add VIN search functionality to your site.
- Data-Rich Results: Offer comprehensive vehicle information in a user-friendly JSON format.
- Business Growth: Provide additional valuable services to your clients, enhancing their experience. 


Our AIR service provides detailed vehicle information and technical support, including:
- Comprehensive Vehicle Details: Access model, make, year, and more.
- Optional Equipment List: Explore additional features
- Technical Campaigns and Wiring Diagrams: Stay updated and troubleshoot with ease.
- Service Solutions and Repair Instructions: Tailor your service solutions and manage minor issues efficiently.
- Service History Tracking: Full BMW & MiNI service and repair history

We offer flexible daily and monthly AIR access through our online portal, catering to your specific needs.


ECU Validation through AOS Portal

With this service you can validate the security status of the new ECUs starting with new models after July 2018. The validation could be necessary after a new ECU was mounted in the car.


FSC CODE Generator - Reseller Access

We provide a monthly subscription service for FSC codes, offering unlimited access to map FSC Codes for various map versions including Next, Move, Premium, Route, EVO ID4, and Motion.

BMW Vehicle Order - Automated FA Generator Based on VIN Number

Anyone who has ever performed a retrofit on a BMW will be familiar with the concept of the Vehicle Order (VO) or Fahrzeugbestellung (FA). For the uninitiated, this is a string of alpha-numeric codes reflect exactly with which options that car left the factory. We offer an automated way to generate FA - Vehicle Order just based on your BMW's VIN Number.


If you require additional services, such as unlimited access to service history, unlimited repair kit downloads or anything else not listed here, please feel free to inquire. We are happy to discuss and create a custom deal to suit your needs.
Interested in elevating your business with these services? Contact us for more information and pricing details. We’re here to assist you in offering the best to your clients.