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Fold-Out Position for BMW Windscreen Wipers


Your BMW is equipped with a handy feature that allows the windscreen wipers to be folded away from the windscreen. This fold-out position is incredibly useful for tasks like cleaning the windscreen or replacing the wiper blades.

Steps to Position Your BMW's Windscreen Wipers

  1. Ignition Toggle: Start by turning the ignition on and then off.
  2. Lever Adjustment: Press and hold the lever upwards beyond the resistance point. Keep holding until the wipers stop in an approximately vertical position.
  3. Wiper Movement: The wipers can now be lifted away from the windscreen.
  4. Returning to Original Position: To fold the wipers back down, press the wiper lever downwards.

Tips for Efficient Use

  • Always remember to fold the wipers fully down onto the windscreen and reactivate the wiper system before starting your next journey.
  • In case the wipers are frozen, try thawing them with warm water before attempting to fold them out.

This feature enhances the functionality of your BMW, making maintenance tasks like cleaning and blade replacement much easier.

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