Elevate your driving experience with the integration of Apple CarPlay in your BMW, seamlessly connecting your iPhone to your vehicle. BMW Apple CarPlay is a technological marvel that allows you to access your iPhone's features safely while cruising on the highway. We'll explore BMW Apple CarPlay in detail, discussing its benefits, setup process, and the exciting features it adds to your journey.

Why BMW Apple CarPlay is a Game-Changer

BMW Apple CarPlay isn't merely an impressive extra; it's a transformative feature for your daily commutes and long drives. Here's why BMW Apple CarPlay stands out:

  • Always in the Loop: Missed notifications while driving? Not anymore. BMW Apple CarPlay flashes all your iPhone alerts right on your car's display, keeping you in the loop effortlessly.
  • Slick Integration: Imagine your iPhone's interface mirrored on your BMW's display. That's what you get with Apple CarPlay. Whether you're a touchscreen aficionado, an iDrive Controller pro, or a voice command virtuoso, it's a breeze to use.
  • All Your Faves at Your Fingertips: Navigation, tunes, news, calls, texts – you name it, CarPlay's got it. It's like having a mini iPhone on your dash.
  • More Apps, More Fun: Beyond the usual suspects, CarPlay plays nice with a slew of third-party apps. Craving some Spotify or itching for the latest news? It's all there.

Wondering which apps are compatible with Apple CarPlay? Find detailed information on the supported apps at http://www.apple.com/ios/carplay/.

Getting Ready for BMW Apple CarPlay

Before you jump into the CarPlay bandwagon, a couple of boxes need ticking:

  • iPhone Ready: Got an iPhone 5 or newer with iOS 7.1+? You're sorted.
  • Navi Professional: Your BMW needs this navigation system for CarPlay to work its magic.

Got all that? Great! Let's set it up.

Setting Up BMW Apple CarPlay

Setting Up Apple CarPlay in your BMW is straightforward. Ensure that Siri and WiFi are activated on your iPhone, and then follow these simple steps:

  1. Siri and WiFi On: Dive into your iPhone settings and switch these on.
  2. Pair Up: Turn on Bluetooth, pick your BMW from the list, and connect.
apple carplay iphone setup
  1. CarPlay Time: Head over to the 'Media' menu in your BMW, find 'Manage mobile devices', and hit 'Connect new device', choosing 'Apple CarPlay'.
apple carplay manage mobile devices
  1. Say 'Yes' to Data Sharing: Your BMW will ask to share data. Hit 'Confirm'.

apple carplay confirm connection

  1. Complete the Pairing: Just follow the on-screen steps on both your BMW and iPhone, and you're golden.

And voilà, you're ready to explore the world of BMW Apple CarPlay!

Exploring BMW Apple CarPlay Features

With Apple CarPlay, your BMW transforms into an extension of your iPhone, offering a suite of features that enhance your driving experience. Here's a preview of what you can enjoy:

  1. Navigation: Your go-to maps are now on your BMW's display. Real-time traffic, directions, points of interest – it's all there.
  2. Music: Your playlists, favourite streaming services, all ready for your listening pleasure.
  3. Messages: Texting while driving? Not a problem. CarPlay reads them out and lets you dictate responses.
  4. Phone Calls: Making calls is a breeze, hands-free and safe.
  5. Third-Party Apps: News, podcasts, productivity apps – CarPlay's got room for them all.

Getting CarPlay for Your BMW

Owners of BMW models with NBT EVO ID5/6 or Entrynav 2 can upgrade their ride with Apple CarPlay activation for a more luxurious driving experience. Utilise our BMW VIN Decoder on our website for a BMW VIN lookup to ensure compatibility, and discover the correct activation method based on your head unit's firmware version. Check out our services for Apple Carplay Activation.

In summary, BMW Apple CarPlay is your ultimate companion for a connected, enjoyable, and secure driving experience. It's user-friendly, delightful to use, and it revolutionizes your BMW experience. Enjoy the ride with Apple CarPlay in your BMW!

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