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How OEM Navigations Simplifies Your BMW Map Updates

BMW Navigation Update Packages: Your Options and How to Install Them

Exploring in your BMW is better and more enjoyable with a reliable navigation system. Staying up to date with the latest maps is essential for smooth, stress-free driving.

BMW offers regular updates to avoid confusion or detours due to outdated sat nav- but how do you know which package to pick, and how can you install it easily? With this guide and the elite services of OEM Navigations, you can secure the best driving experience quickly and easily. 

What Is a BMW Navigation Update?

BWM Navigation is the manufacturer’s own brand of sat nav- replacing Google Maps or similar services for BMW and MINI drivers. It integrates with the iDrive system for seamless use while driving- but it doesn’t have the same automatic updates as the more universal systems. 

Because of this, it needs to be manually updated from time to time. BMW releases new maps regularly to keep its drivers up-to-date and in the know with reliable and accurate satellite navigation. 

There are several versions released at once. The one you need depends on the current BMW Navigation system installed on your iDrive. More on that later!

Is the BMW Map Update Free?

The map updates are released free of charge by BMW for drivers to download and install independently. It does not include installation assistance- only the files. 

Many drivers prefer to purchase a BMW Navigation update package to make the selection and installation processes easier.

Why Is It Worth Buying a BMW Sat Nav Update Package?

There are a few hurdles to jump when arranging your BMW map update. First, you need to select the correct update for your vehicle- a.k.a. the latest version of the current system installed on your iDrive. 

You also need to get the fsc codes and files needed for the update. BWM owners can download the relevant files easily enough, but the upload and installation can be a little complex. With an update package, the files are provided ready to go- complete with a detailed instruction guide to walk you through the process. 

OEM Navigations BMW map packages are low-cost and high-value. It is worth it to avoid delays and complications when trying to figure out your update- which could lead to worries and wrong turns on the road. 

How Can OEM Navigations Help?

Updating your BMW Navigation system is simpler with OEM Navigations. 

To get you started, a free VIN decoder tool helps you determine what package you need. You receive a detailed PDF with everything you need to know about your vehicle- including your current map version. 

Using this information, you can ensure you select the correct update. From there, you pick your product and your region, and we help you with the rest. 

Each package contains all the files needed to complete the map update- plus the FSC code to get you on your way. It also comes with a clear, step-by-step instruction manual that takes you through the process. Don’t worry if you are not so technically minded- the guide is designed to simplify what sounds complicated in other manuals. 

oemnavigations simple bmw map update package

Final Thoughts

It only takes getting lost once to remind people how important it is to have an accurate and reliable sat nav system. BMW drivers benefit from the convenience and accessibility of the custom maps program- but without the latest updates, you could be left searching for the old paper map buried in the glove box. 

With a little help from OEM Navigations, you can stay on the right road and get the most out of your BMW driving experience. 

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