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Get your drives up-to-date with our Way Navigation Map Update. This update is simple to install and brings the latest maps to your Entrynav 2 navigation system, ensuring you can discover new places and navigate roads with ease.

Please note that this update requires cable coding, so you'll need an ENET coding cable and a Windows laptop with at least Windows 10 operating system. No need to worry though; we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions to make the process a breeze.

This BMW & MINI Navigation Update includes everything you need to get started: the FSC Code, Map Files, and a Clear Instruction Guide for an easy BMW map update.

This BMW map update is designed for BMW and MINI iDrive systems equipped with the Road Map Way Maps.

Unsure if this is the correct map version for your iDrive? Our FAQ section guides you on how to check it, or you can use our Free BMW VIN Decoder to determine the maps installed on your iDrive. Once you have received the PDF containing the results from your VIN Lookup, check the Head unit / Map Version section.

Choosing is then straightforward: for example if your system has Premium maps, you have to opt for the Premium map version.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very happy with my purchase. Easy install

Worked like a breeze. If you follow the instructions correctly, it works instantly. I received the email quickly and installed the updated maps the same evening on BMW X1. I did this all on a Windows laptop with an ENET Cable OBD2 that you can find on AliExpress.

Dr. Thomas Blinn
Just what I needed, worked flawlessly

The maps in our 2016 BMW X1 were seriously out of date, and the last update from ConnectedDrive was in 2020. When we renewed our ConnectedDrive subscription we expected the map updates to start again. They did not. After an extensive back and forth with the ConnectedDrive support people they told us that if you miss more than a year of continuous service, they stop providing the map updates (which only cover a subset of the US anyway). As expected, they suggested we have our BMW dealer update our base maps. I didn't get a price and they didn't offer an estimate (so it's up to the dealer), but I expect that it would be well over $200 for a one-time map update. OEMNAVIGATIONS was a much better price and provides a lifetime FSC code. I got the OBD2 cable and a USBC ethernet dongle from Amazon in the US for under $30. It all worked flawlessly (once I remembered to press the START button in the app). I used a 64GB flash drive that came with exFAT formatting and didn't reformat it to FAT32. I also used 7zip to extract the contents of the RAR file. No issues.
Worth the money spent to have updated all of North America map data, and the free future map downloads are a bonus. Now if I can get the folks to accept the map corrections I already provided some time ago (that makes the X1 unable to find our home address), I'll be even happier.

Just what the doctor ordered.. Dr Tom Blinn, Amherst NH


Perfect. I updated Europe map from 2020 to 2024 without any problem following the instructions sent. Since the price was the same as BMW asked for a year of updates, given the promised lifetime FSC code, I hope the next updates will be implemented.

Paul Rayson
Does the job nicely, with clear instructions!

Needed a map update for a 2018 Mini Countryman that had not been updated for years. This place seemed a very decent price compared to others.

It's a bit more of a task to put map updates on the ENTRAYNAV2 (WAY) systems, you need to connect with a laptop and ENET cable first as per the item description (you need working Wi-Fi on the laptop when doing it), then generate an activation code which needs to be added into a folder on the USB stick that you copy the map update onto. It's easy enough though, from starting to getting the map updated via USB stick in the car took less than an hour. I assume later updates may be simpler after the lifetime FSC activation, but either way, no big deal.

Quick service from the company, with clear instructions. I can't test the lifetime FSC activation, but I assume it will be OK.

The Mini dealership would have charged more than double, without the lifetime activation!

Overall, very pleased.